Successful installation starts with acclimatising your timber to the temperature and humidity of your space. Prior to laying your floor we recommend your timber be allowed to rest uncovered for 7 – 10 days in the installation space, enabling it to ‘move’ before it is glued down. We can test your timber to ensure its moisture content is within recommended limits before use.

The installation technique used depends on the size of your timber and the surface it will be secured to.

The ‘Direct-Stick’ method involves applying a layer of specialist adhesive over your prepared sub-floor on to which the tongue and groove overlay timbers will be assembled. for timber of between 10mm and 13mm in depth nailing is not normally required in addition to this.

‘Plank on Ply’ is a form of ‘Direct-Stick’ installation in which timbers are glued on to a layer of plywood that has been laid on the sub-floor first. Where required this method enables the additional use of secret nailing which ensures broad timbers or species with a high tensile strength are securely meeting the plywood while the adhesive cures.

‘Joist and Barer’ is the method used when timbers are laid as conventional ‘floorboards’ over a floor cavity. Timbers of this kind are required by law to be at least 19mm in depth if they are to be a weight baring structure. Top nailing/secret nailing is usually used in combination with adhesive to fix timbers over joists of 450mm separation.

‘Parquetry’ is one of our specialities and is installed by the ‘Direct-Stick’ method only. Some parquet designs come as pre-assembled tiles, other are assembled by hand from precision-cut timber blocks by us. Either way, If you require this kind of outcome we will gladly advise you in the planning of your ideas.

In all instances Premier Floors will discuss with you the best approach to installing your floor – from the direction your timber should run, accounting for factors such as light, and the orientation of your room, and most importantly, the need for expansion space in your floor. Premier Floors will assess and use the best methods necessary to ensure your timber floor remains fixed for life.

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