Whether sanding a newly installed timber floor or breathing life into an old favourite, Premier Floors specialises in using the latest industry technologies and materials to give you a beautiful and lasting finish.

As a practised art, sanding involves abrading your timber to completely level the surface of each board across your floor. It removes scratches and dents and reduces the timber surface to a perfectly smooth result. It requires an understanding of the timber’s grain structure and direction to be done effectively, without leaving marks or ripples in the floor. We invest in state of the art equipment that extracts the dust as we sand, minimising any mess or inconvenience to you.

Following sanding, your floor will be sealed with a high-build, liquid compound that fills and stabilises the surface fibres of the timber prior to final coating. This timber sealer is a vital part of building strength into the surface of your floor and may require another, fine, resand before the final coatings are applied.

There is a broad range of final finishes to choose from including solvent-based or water-bourne polyurethanes, olis, waxes and oil modified compounds. Each offers its own characteristics but the polyurethanes tend to be favoured for their durability enhancement of timber’s natural colour. They are available in various sheeen levels from high gloss to matt and are usually applied by a mohair roller taking around a day per coat. The water-bourne coatings are the cleanest, releasing the least smell during application, are touch dry within 3 hours and completely hardened in 48 hours. Ask us for advice on which solution will best suit your needs.