A timber floor is only as sound as the structure it sits on. Often, solid timber is laid using the ‘Direct-Stick’ method in which individual planks are glued directly to a concrete slab or boarded sub-floor. Premier Floors will ensure this structure is sound right from the outset.

In the case of a concrete slab, this should be relatively level and smooth. A height difference of 3mm per 3 meter radius is acceptable. If your slab is uneven and requires levelling, we can do this by grinding it back, or laying a thin, self-levelling screed. Next, a ‘VBS’ or vapour barrier system is applied to the slab. This is an epoxy membrane that seals the slab from rising moisture and provides a perfect keying surface for the adhesive that secures your timber.

In some instances clients require timber to be laid on a combination of sub-structures. If your new timber floor is to run accross a slab, then onto an existing timber or ‘structaflor’ surface, we will install a layer of plywood over everything first. This not only reinforces the whole area, eavening-out irregular levels, it also improves rigidity where the floor may otherwise flex. Premier Floors conducts this process cleanly and quickly for your convenience.

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